Part I: A No-Good, Very Bad Day…is Okay

It’s true. Some days just suck.

I know there are a lot of very optimistic people out there shaking their heads at me right now. She’s not very grateful, they’re thinking.

They’re right. Today, I’m not grateful. I know I “should be.” But instead, I sort of want to punch “Grateful” in the face.

I don’t feel like this everyday, or I would need to reach for some Prozac. But I do have some bad days. I’ve even have some really bad days.

I don’t think it makes me any less spiritual to admit that some days are hard. Some, because bad thing happen to us. Some, because we do bad things and regret it. Some, because we are praying for things to turn around, and they don’t. Some, because the daily grind has worn us down so much that even a minor upset makes us realize how depleted we are.

People suffer. It’s human. Some suffer more. But pain is pain. And it doesn’t hurt less when we compare it to someone else’s. If we are having a bad day, maybe we should own it. Not dwell or wallow…too long. But just own it. Then eat a few extra cookies.

Cookies on IMFree By Stuart Webster

Photographed by: Stuart Webster, IMFreeImages

I’m not the person who says every day is beautiful. If you want that, you’ll need to read someone else’s blog. Probably one with hearts and rainbows and smiley faces. I like all those things…in moderation.

But today, it makes me feel better to declare: Some days are tough or annoying or irritating or disappointing or sad or heartbreaking. Or all of the above. And maybe that’s why God gave us nights…and not one continuous strand of daylight.

Thankfully, because there is night-time, tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully, a better day. But if not, there are always those cookies.


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