My Guest Blog Post: Merry Christmas Expectations!

I am a guest blogger today on Leslie Kelly’s blog, His Garden of Grace! I met Leslie as part of a group who enjoys Bible Journaling, which is about exploring scripture through creative imagery and artwork. Leslie’s personal testimony and mission really moved me. She is living out grace and love in an extraordinary way. Leslie is featuring bloggers this month as part of an advent series titled Our AdventCheer. She shares fellow bloggers’ thoughts and some lovely recipes and ideas for this time of year. Check out my Merry Christmas Expectations post on her blog at

Christmas Tree

Photo Courtesy of Free Images

For the record, this year’s Christmas decorating went much better than last year’s (as described in my guest blog post). We all let go of our expectations and just enjoyed the blessings of each imperfect moment. (And while my poor husband still had to address the tree lighting issue, he was very gracious)!

Thanks, Leslie, for including me in your advent series. Many Christmas blessings to you and yours!

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