Mother & Son: The Respect Effect Book Giveaway!

I love books about mothers of boys. Because, of course, I am one. And I love being a boy-mom. I don’t know what it is like to have girls. But I know what it’s like to be a girl. Been there, done that. Which is why seeing the world through the eyes of my two sweet boys is like being reborn. I get very excited about cars and planes and superheros…and I learn and relearn things every day! But I must admit, I don’t always understand what makes boys tick.Mother+and+Son-+The+Respect+Effect

In a world of gender-bending values, I personally still believe men are from Mars and women are from Venus. I wake up to this reality every day–it’s called being married!! 😉 Oh the great mysteries of the opposite sex!! So I was excited to review a book that helps me understand the heart of my boys (and my husband) in a way I might not naturally be able to do.

By the same author of the popular  best-seller “Love & Respect,” Emerson Eggerichs asserts that while everyone desires both love and respect, men favor respect over love and women favor love over respect. And thus cycles an age-old tension between the sexes. In his new book, “Mother & Son,” he applies this theory to the mother and son relationship…and it makes sense. After all, aren’t boys just little men? He proposes that, while showing love is important to a son, showing him respect is the key to his heart. When a mother gives her son the respect he desires, it has the power to transform their relationship…and, I might add, raise him up to be a strong, loving man to others.

If you are like me, you may have experienced that tension of trying to raise a son who listens and respects others while also allowing him to take risks and stretch his adventurous muscles! I want my sons to become men with strong values and a deep respect for God, themselves and others. I also want them to survive childhood! It is a delicate balance of letting go while still nurturing their hearts…without enabling or coddling. Oh, that’s all? No problem, right? No wonder, we are often second-guessing ourselves!!

Not only does the author of “Mother & Son” provide good step-by-step instructions, but also some great crafted responses to specific situations that can arise with sons. As I read more and more of this book, I find myself grieved by some of the times I shut my boys down because I didn’t understand their deepest needs. We all make mistakes as parents. But I am so thankful that God’s grace can help us grow in our roles as wives and mothers!! I am thankful for the opportunity to read this book now, while my boys are still so young, so that I can find better responses and ways to encourage them both. I also hope to gain a better appreciate for my husband’s role in their lives (and, I am sure I will be reading him excerpts at bedtime! 😉

SO, do you want to win this amazing book? Enter HERE

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