Phil Wickham “Children of God” Review

Are you a fan of the song “This is Amazing Grace” and the latest hit “Your Love Awakens me”? It is Phil Wickham‘s gifted songwriting and hip voice behind these and other great songs, including his newest album released this year, “Children of God”! Wickham’s music has a unique sound like nothing I’ve heard on Christian radio, so I was excited for the chance to review his latest!

Let me tell you, this album had me at “hello.”


“Children of God” by Phil Wickham Released 2016

The first song on the 12-song album is the Doxology/Amen, a modern, heart-opening arrangement of the original doxology with the addition of a very simple and worshipful chorus. If you know my household’s fondness for the Doxology (read more HERE), then you know I cannot resist this song. And talk about powerful lyrics…as Wickham adds a verse that sings:

“Praise God for all that He has done; Praise Him for He has overcome; The grave is beaten, Love has won; Praise God, our Savior, Christ the Son.”

I mean, if his voice sliding up the notes of “the grave is beaten, Love has won” doesn’t fill your heart with praise, NOTHING will!!

And I have to say, mixing the old with the new is so fun and brings the tradition of a great song into the present for some who would otherwise be resistant to hymns. Kudos for breathing new life into the Doxology, Phil! But enough about the first song ;). (Because I truly could go on and on about the Doxology, in any format.)

I have to say that I really love Phil’s voice. It is unique and modern and young. His music is upbeat and cool. And the songs on this album are easy and catchy, a great soundtrack for a sunny day trip!

And there’s a reason “Your Love Awakens Me” is quickly becoming as popular as “This is Amazing Grace,” which topped the radio charts as BMI’s Christian Song of the Year and was the “most-sung worship song in the North American church” (Christian Copyright Licensing International). (The rest of this review is continued beneath the video link below 😉

As a cool backstory to this album, in 2014, Phil was unsure he would ever sing again when doctors discovered a polyp on his vocal cord. Through this time of uncertainty, he felt God reassure him that his identity was not in what he did, but whose he was–thus inspired the title of his album.

The title song is really gripping too!

“We are believers…all our hope in the Risen One. We are soldiers…we’re fighting with faith and love. We are pilgrims…on a journey to reach our home. Standing together, WE ARE the children of God.”


Isn’t it great to know we all struggle with identity, but yet God still knows us as His? His creation. His masterpiece. His children. His to hold, protect, love and keep. Forever.


So thankful this talented artist was able to continue his career as a songwriter and worship leader. Please consider purchasing this great CD! Links below!!

Official Website –


Amazon: Amazon

Spotify: Spotify


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