Meet Jessica

Hi, I’m Jessica.

I am a wife and a mother. A writer and a speaker. And I do some worship leading. I am an imperfect, one-of-a-kind woman who does what most women do — a little bit of everything.


Me and my son

After seven years as a marketing project manager and copywriter, I lost my job in the recession and decided to start a family and pursue other artistic interests at home. So I am also a self-taught sewer and crafter, though I have less time for sewing and crafting these days. My son requires most of my attention, because in those spare minutes I am distracted, he is single-handedly dismantling my home or assembling a sophisticated weapon out of hangers and measuring tape.

I wring out time to write between hours consumed by making dinners, picking up toys, folding laundry and wiping messy hands with the nearest dish rag. I find moments to write, because writing brings some peace and order to the chaos that is my present life. Writing. And prayer. Lots of prayer.

When we can, my husband and I indulge our geeky fascination with presidential history. Together, we have visited 28 presidential homes (birthplaces, childhood or residences) in the last 10 years. We hope to pass along this nerdy love of history to our son as we tour historic landmarks together.

Two nerds visiting another obscure presidential landmark *nerd snort*

Two nerds visiting another obscure presidential landmark *nerd snort*

Yet, even with such lovely profile highlights, the truth is it challenging to pull long days, satisfy the needs of my family, create work opportunities and keep a tidy house. I feel I’m usually failing in some area while pouring into another. That is when I find it most helpful to keep it real. Pretending isn’t my style. I find it one more thing to balance. So I stay as authentic as I can with my friends and with perfect strangers. Life can be hard. There’s no reason to hide behind a perfect facade.

I need to keep it real with God, too. After all, He knows how much I want to do it all. And how unaccomplished I feel most days despite my very best efforts. So every morning and every night…and frequently throughout the day, I must lay my tired dreams at His feet. I must request that extra dose of patience or courage or hope or faith or peace or joy or ALL of the above to get my through the worst of days. I must look to Him. Because when I look to Him, I am radiant. And that is when I shine most.

I pray that what I write here, those words I squeeze in between running errands and attending pretend picnics on the living room floor, will encourage and inspire you.

Be your best. And realize that your best is imperfect. But with God’s help, you can be imperfect and radiant as He shines through you.

Jessica Laurel Fisher

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