Friends & Links

Focus on the Family – This organization has been around for a long time. They have an incredible library of resources and advice on all sorts of topics. And they are very relevant to today’s families. Check out their daily broadcast online! Like them on Facebook, and you will recent such uplifting reminders in your news feed.

Propel Women – I love, love, love Christine Caine. The woman is a firecracker for Jesus. When I heard her speak a few years ago at Women of Faith in Philadelphia, my life changed. God changed me, but He used Christine Caine’s unique voice to do it. Christine recently created this one-of-a-kind magazine for women in leadership. Yep! Just. Love. Her!!

Revive Our Hearts Ministries – I absolutely love the insight and bible study offered through Revive Our Hearts and daily podcasts for women. I listen to their podcasts so often while cooking or doing dishes that my son now recognizes the opening song. (Adorable side note: He will then drop everything he is doing, run into the room and ask to dance with me.)

Smart Creative Women – I listen to her interviews of other creative women and receive great insight and inspiration!

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